Living Object, Going Viral

Screenshot 2020-05-09 at 12.06.34Living Object showcases the pinnacle of modern studio ceramics

Going Viral is a showcase for work that absorbs, questions and re-invents ceramic tradition.

Using new methods, extreme excellence in traditional crafts such as throwing, as well as playful re-interpretation of decorative traditions, the eight makers extend the vocabulary of modern studio ceramics.

These makers are able to continue working safely in small studios and at home on kitchen tables during lockdown. The work will be presented virtually from a purpose-designed space, the Living Object gallery in Stepney, East London.

The exhibits and their placement in the gallery will be revealed first virtually through wireframe computer models. The process of making, delivering and exhibiting will be documented in a series of Instagram posts. The final reveal will include a series of virtual private views where artists and curators walk their virtual visitors through the show.

The Living Object spatial design is by Philip Hughes. Graphic design by David Sudlow Designers.


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