Maiko Dawson

Maiko says…

I have always loved making things. My mother bought me a sewing machine when I was six, I started sewing everything we needed in our house and my sewing machine has been my best friend since.

When I started making shoes nearly 20 years ago, I realized how wonderful it is to work with “LEATHER”. The smell of the leather makes me feel happy and the ability of the leather makes me to be creative.

My inspiration for design comes primarily from colours and shapes I see in everyday life.  Colours and shapes in nature, in seasons, on streets, at markets, on clothes someone is wearing, and in other product designs … I pick them up from everywhere.  On good sunny days, I see more colours in the light, they encourages my ideas to form to the products I create.

Then I draw clean lines, not always even on paper, it can be only in my head.  And so I fill with the colours I picked up.

For designing shoes, I combine these with traditional designs.  Because I respect the history of shoes which we have developed for thousands of years, and am always working to make them original and comfortable at the same time.

On the other hand, the functionality comes first when I design bags/ purse, and secondly the simplicity.  Our life styles are changing all the time especially recent years.  Not so many people were using personal computers 20 years ago, though majority of the people now carry one or more devices everyday.  I think a lot how to carry those things comfortably and try to make it to happen as simple as possible.

I believe the high quality natural materials gives not only a good appearance and durability, but also comfort for use/wear.  I use only the best materials I can find and carefully craft by hand myself in the traditional shoe/bag making method.

Maiko Dawson; handmade shoes and leather accessories

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